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Our Meetings

Find out more about our venue and meeting times.




Come join us at our venue, meeting every Thursday at 6:30pm and 8pm

6.30pm - 7:30pm | 8pm - 9pm

Eldership Team

We believe the purpose of biblical leadership is to facilitate a genuine relationship between God and people so that out of life-transforming encounters with the living God people will engage with him in lifestyles of worship and witness. Biblical leadership should help people know God, understand their identity and destiny in him, and respond to God's calling of them to serve him in a new kind of priesthood - one that consists not only of leaders but of all believers. 

So the role of Cornerstone's leadership team is, through the preaching of the gospel of Christ, to introduce people to Jesus and to teach, equip and empower all believers in the practical application of God's Word, so that the good news of Christ is proclaimed through their lives, not only in what they say, but also in what they do. This preparing of God's people for works of service is the essence of biblical discipleship. The resulting dynamic in church life is that over time the barrier between "the pulpit" and "the pew" is broken down, spectators become participants and people who were once audience members are transformed into active players in the advance of God's kingdom through his church.

  • Who Are We?
    Cornerstone is a non-denominational Christian church named after a biblical term for Jesus Christ, the “cornerstone” of the Christian faith. Sometimes people ask us if we are part of another church or grouping of churches called Cornerstone - we aren't. Cornerstone in Abu Dhabi is an autonomous, eldership-led local church that, for accountability, relates to an international network of church planters and leaders - friends with whom we regularly partner in ministry ventures, at home and overseas.
  • What Do We Do?
    WE’RE COMMITTED TO MAKING DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS: • By reaching out into our ‘Jerusalem’ area [Our City and Emirate - Abu Dhabi] • By reaching out into our ‘Judea’ area [Surrounding area with a similar culture - Uae | Gulf] • By reaching into our ‘Samaria’ area [Surrounding area with different cultures - India, Sri Lanka, Nepal] • By reaching out into the ‘Uttermost parts of the Earth’ [All the Nations] [MATT 28:18-20 | ACTS 1:8] We’re motivated by love before anything else. Above excellence, above reputation, above duty.
  • What Are Your Church Service Times?
    You can find all the details of our services on our "Plan A Visit" page. You can also contact us on +971 56 441 1331.
  • Is There A Dress Code For Attending Church Services?
    No! Come as you feel comfortable, people often dress casually.
  • How Can I Get Involved In Volunteering Or Joining A Ministry?
    Check out the "I'm New Here" page - it contains 9 steps on how to get connected into church life. You can also see our "Engage" page for a list of ministries, courses and service teams.
  • Do You Have Programs For Children and Youth?
    Absolutely! We have active kids ministries at all our Sunday services. Our groups are as follows: - Doves: Parents and Babies (0-2yrs) - Lambs&Bears: 3-6yrs - Eagles&Lions: 7-11yrs Our youth groups meet over the weekends - check out the "Engage" page for more details: - Emerge: 12-13yrs - Stripe: 14-18yrs
  • Is There A Newcomers' Or Membership Class?
    We don't hold formal membership classes but we do have Newcomer's evenings where we share a meal together and have a chance to hear your story and tell you a bit more about the story of Cornerstone, our vision and values. It's a great chance to meet other newcomers and members of the leadership team. You can find more details and sign up for the next Newcomer's dinner by heading to the "I'm New Here" page and complete the sign-up form.
  • Can I Schedule A Meeting With The Pastor?
    We have a team of Eldership couples and deacons who form the leadership of Cornerstone. We would love to meet with people to see how we can help them grow as followers of Jesus. You can contact on +971 56 441 1331 or ask at the Connect desk at any of our services, or simply say hi to any of our leaders after a service!
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