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How to Get Connected

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If you are new, or have been with us a while and looking for other ways to participate, consider these 9 steps


Worship together at one of our services.

Travel Apps

A handy tool for keep up to date with everything that is going on. Download from your relevant app store.

Image by Brooke Lark

This will add you to our email list which we use sparingly to communicate key information or invite you to specific events relevant to you!

Image by Brett Jordan

Get involved in our members Facebook community group where people can post and interact around all things community. 

Friends Eating Dinner

You are invited to a meal where you'll get a chance to tell us your story and hear a bit more about the vision and values of Cornerstone.

Happy Friends

Small groups are the best way to make friends that become like family! Click on the link to find groups near you.

Audience and Lecturer

There are a wide range of courses which run throughout the year with the aim of training and equipping you in all areas of life.

Turn Table

A fantastic way to meet new people and contribute to what God is doing at Cornerstone.

Image by Evi Radauscher

Prayerfully consider responding to scripture by giving to the local church.

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