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Cornerstone Kids

A dedicated team of vetted volunteers serve faithfully in teaching, imparting and encouraging our kids to know Jesus deeply and to practice hearing His voice! 

One of our key values is that we believe that we walk under an open heaven, and so we teach our kids that they have direct access to Jesus and can encounter the living God always. 

We create a safe place for our kids to worship God, to learn the word in fun and creative ways and to form deep friendships with their peers. 

From learning about the word through creative videos, devotionals, to worshiping with flags, puppet shows and expressing their encounter with God through prophetic art. We aspire as a team to constantly bring the freshness of the Holy Spirit into all that we do.

We have five groups: the Doves (0-2), the Lambs (3&4), the Bears (5&6), the Eagles (7&8) and the Lions (9-11) years old.

There is something for every age group. If you’d like to know more about the curriculums we use or volunteer to help, please reach out to:

Rana 050 6544098 or 
Beth 050 143 8118

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